How does CAMP pay for worksite supplies and materials?

Since CAMP’s ministry is to provide construction material and labor for mission projects, there is always a need for funds to buy materials. In other countries, material are expensive. Most funds are raised through trip participants.

How do I raise funds?

We encourage you to involve your friends, family, and church as you raise funds for trip costs or additional project funds. This allows them to be involved in your mission without ever leaving home. A couple of ideas regarding how to raise your funds: ask your church mission committee to sponsor you or ask those around you to each donate a portion of your goal amount. If a C.A.M.P. board member lives in your area, ask them if they would share a “Moment for Mission” on your behalf.

Do I have to raise funds to go?

No, it is voluntary. Many people pay from their own resources. Asking others to participate is a way to allow them to be involved in your journey.

Why is airfare not included in the total cost?

C.A.M.P. used to provide airfare, but since airline ticket prices have become so variable, we ask participants to buy their own tickets. Since ticket prices rise and fall every day, people can usually find better prices on their own.

If I buy my own ticket, when should I arrive?

We try to have as many people as possible arrive and depart on the same flights. Our current hotel offers a shuttle service that covers most flights. It is important to inform C.A.M.P. of your flight information so that shuttle arrangements can be made. Remember, your room at the hotel is booked for the duration of the tour. Additional nights need to be arranged by C.A.M.P.

Will I be able to communicate with home while in Costa Rica?

Yes. Currently, the hotel we are using has very good WIFI as well as free calls to the states from your room. Cell phone coverage is good but be sure to check with your cell provider about any possible extra charges.

What if I can’t go?

If you cannot participate in a trip, please contact C.A.M.P. as soon as possible (you can use the CONTACT US page).

What about medical requirements?

Anticipate your health needs. Bring any prescriptions with you. It is advisable to have a current tetanus vaccination. Consider talking to your doctor about a medication for dysentery. If you require particular sugar substitutes or motion sickness medications, please bring those with you. Most over-the-counter health related items are available in Costa Rica. The country also has a modern health care system in case of emergencies.

Should I bring cash?

Cash is helpful for converting dollars to colones (about 500 colones per dollar). Our hotel makes the conversion for a small fee. ATM’s are also available. Credit cards are readily accepted in Costa Rica. Be sure to notify your credit card company of your stay in Costa Rica. Also, ask about any charges for foreign transactions.

How can my family reach me in an emergency?

C.A.M.P. has a Costa Rican cell phone number: 011-506-8539-0072. Hotel Wyndam Herradura: 011-506-2209-9800 Hotel Diria (Tamarindo) 011-506-2653-0031

Will I need a passport?

Yes, you will need a passport that will not expire within 6 months of the trip date. Be sure to make 2 copies of your passport. Leave one at home where someone can locate it in case yours is lost. Take one copy and your passport with you on the trip.

What should I take?

Be sure to check the airline for rules regarding suitcases and liquids. Pack necessary items (extra glasses, medications, an outfit to wear, passport, etc.) in your carry on in case your luggage is delayed. In your suitcase pack: 2-3 work outfits, 1 nice(but not too dressy) outfit for church, 2 or more casual outfits, a sweater, sweatshirt, or light jacket, work shoes or boots, casual shoes, a hat, work gloves, swimsuit, sleepwear, and toiletries. Optional items: personal tools, pictures from home, sunglasses, sunblock, bug spray, and a Bible. Dress modestly to respect the culture you are visiting. Undergarments should be completely covered. Skirts and shorts should be knee height or below. Laundry will be provided by C.A.M.P. several times in a week.

Do I need electrical adapters?

Costa Rica’s electrical outlets are compatible with US plugs.