• How does CAMP pay for worksite supplies and materials?
      Since CAMP's ministry is to provide construction material and labor for Christian mission projects, there is always a need for funds to buy materials. In other countries, materials are expensive. Most funds are raised through trip participants. Each team member is asked to provide at least $300 for materials.

    • How do I raise funds?
      We encourage you to involve your friends, family, and church to raise funds. This allows them to feel involved in the mission without leaving home. You could ask a church mission committee to sponsor you, ask those around you to each donate a portion of your goal amount, maybe ask the congregation to donate what they can, or ask friends to match your donation to the materials.

    • Do I have to raise funds to go?
      No, it is voluntary. God always provides what funds are needed at the time and uses people just like you to provide them. The amount you are able to provide is between you and God, and will not be judged in any way by CAMP.